Custom Police Vehicle Fabrication

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You can’t help it but be drawn in by crisp colours of this car and its vintage style, we know we are! Which means we were extremely excited to work on this community gem!

We were honoured and proud to work with the CPVA (Calgary Police Veterans Association) on this 1973 Dodge Coronet. This 1973 car was refurbished and converted into a police cruiser with the help of local companies.


As we worked hard on some of the fabrication, as well as installing the lights and siren to give it that cherry on top, we had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the history of this vehicle. But you can’t learn about the history of the car without also learning about the history of the city’s police too. To start off, the call number on this cruiser was not chosen at random, it has important significance. The call number 1610 had belonged to the Calgary Police Chief in 1973, Brian Sawyer.

Sawyer had become the police Chief in 1973 and maintained that position until his retirement from the force in 1984. We are still experiencing the impact of his 12 years of service to this day!

Sawyer is most known for his hard work in changing the dynamic of the Calgary Police from a police force to a police service. He did this by integrating the community into the police’s goals and focuses more fully. In the news article “Former police chief ‘true leader and mentor’” in the Calgary Harold, he is quoted as “the chief that took Calgary police service from where it was to a modern, community-based police service,” (Weismiller 2012). Since then, our current Calgary police has grown into a community-based program that strives to help the people of Calgary!


We can only imagine the changes in the city this car would have witnessed had it been with Sawyer during his years of service. We have no doubt that this cruiser will become a source of a smile when people spot it in the coming days. So, we want to thank all the local companies who also had the privilege of working to make this car the beauty that it is!

We are even more thankful for the chance to work on other police vehicles whether its from 1973 to 2021! We want to continue to do our part in keeping our police officers safe by equipping them with the best emergency lighting and equipment in their day-to-day duties.

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