The History of Warning Lights

As we drive around now, it’s not hard to recognize a vehicle with warning lights, you can see them from
quite a distance letting you know that a situation is a head and you should be aware!

Vehicles have been around far longer than the warning light, in the early 1900’s when police introduced patrol cars to their stations, they decided to go with convertibles, the officers driving the vehicles wore their police helmets so the civilians recognized the vehicle as an emergency unit in all weather conditions.

Red lights were introduced in the 1930’s and placed on the roof tops of patrol cars so that civilian vehicles would notice them and pull over, this practise evolved to a rotating gumball light in the late 1940’s and was succeeded in the 1960’s by horizontal bars.

Today we see warning lights on all types of vehicles, police, fire, construction, utilities and more, it’s safe to say what is available today far exceeds the options of the early days. Red and Blue signify police vehicles, red and white signify fire, green is typically used as a command vehicle lighting and marine, the amber warning light is used by all else, there is the odd exception for Lineman trucks and Gas trucks.

When I started in this business we were still selling the incandescent rotating beacons, I had a favorite beacon at the time it was the Code 3 420 series peanut beacon, they have evolved now into several kinds of LED beacons giving you the customer so many options.

And the evolution continues, it will be interesting to see what is available in the coming years considering the changes I have seen in the years I have been in this industry the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for checking us out and remember “We keep you safe by making you seen”.

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